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Binance CEO Applauds Peter Schiff’s Transition to Crypto, Embracing the Digital Financial Realm

Binance Renowned crypto skeptic Peter Schiff has surprisingly ventured into the realm of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), much to the delight of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), who finds the development quite amusing.

In a surprising turn of events, Peter Schiff, a long-standing critic of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market, has revealed plans to launch an NFT art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This move marks a notable departure from his previous stance, attracting attention and raising eyebrows within the crypto community.

In a tweet, Peter Schiff announced his collaboration with one of his favorite artists, Market Price, to create

a series of Ordinals, digital assets akin to NFTs.

The collection, inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, will showcase the original painting

“Golden Triumph” along with a range of prints and Ordinals.

This unexpected venture further highlights Schiff’s newfound interest in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Peter Schiff’s Binance Unexpected Venture into Crypto: Launching NFT Art Collection on Bitcoin Blockchain

Despite Peter Schiff’s acknowledgment that he has not fully embraced the world of crypto, his recent venture into the creation of an NFT art collection signifies a notable recognition of the value and potential

inherent in an industry he had previously criticized.

This move reflects a shift in Schiff’s perspective and demonstrates a growing acceptance of the

cryptocurrency space and its various opportunities.

Ordinals, the latest trend sweeping the Bitcoin network, are a type of digital asset inscribed on a satoshi, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin.

The surge of Ordinals is possible because of the Taproot upgrade launched on the Bitcoin network in November 2021. It enabled users to inscribe a wide range of content from images to video games on satoshis.

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